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Account Registration
Account Registration:

Players can register for a player account on this new website.  The user accounts from the old website will not work with this new site, so all players will be required to re-register.  All players will be given a new 4 digit Player ID, which will be used to link them to all future and past event data.  To register for a new account either click the link below or click "Login" on the top right of the page and select the "Register" link.

Create User Account

Note:  Once you have created an account you are able to login to the website, but you cannot register for events until we have correctly mapped your new account to any previous registration.  This may take up to 12 hours.  Once your account has been mapped you will be able to login to the website.
Event Registration
When your account is mapped correctly you can register for events by selecting the required regional event link from the homepage, or from the "Regional Events" option under the "Events" menu.  On the event information page there will be a link to register under section "General Info" on the "Event" tab.  Click this link (this may require you to login with your user account) and complete the registration form and submit it for an email confirmation, which will have the payment details.

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