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We are pleased to announce that all England Squash Masters members have a new membership benefit.  Members can now receive a 10% discount on Karakal kit.

To access the discount either use the the dedicated link below or click the Karakal logo to the left, which will apply the discount as you checkout:


or, use the discount code SQUASHMASTERS at the checkout stage, if you did not use the dedicated link.

This information is repeated on the Membership Benefits page.

The Ragou/Cowley Cup 2024
This year's North vs South masters challenge match is in loving memory of Glen Ragou (North) and Mark Cowley (South). The event is being held at Sutton Coldfield Squash Club on Saturday 14th September 2024.

Both Glen and Mark were very well-known players and supporters of masters squash. This one-day tournament is held in their memory, where a masters team from the “North” play a masters team from the “South” with the aim of getting up to 50-a-side on court. This event is intended to be a social but competitive one, with the winning team presented with the Glen Ragou Cup and all proceeds going to charity.

For more information click here or the image above for the event page.

Organisers: Alison Goy, Ian Bradburn and Andy Murray

British Open Masters Squash Championships 2024
For the full results for this event click here

Please click here, or the image below to view the event photo gallery from the final day.

British Open Masters Squash Championships 2024

Videos from the event:
Day 5 - 9th June (Finals Day)
Day 4 - 8th June (Semi-Finals Day)
Day 3 - 7th June (Quarter-Finals Day)
Day 2 - 6th June

2024 Home Internationals Wales
Home Internationals


The Wales Home International has finished in Cardiff and England win all 4 age group titles.  Well done England!

Click here for the event report, which has the table standings.

Click the respective link below for detailed results from each session.  

Session 1 Results
Session 2 Results
Session 3 Results

2024 Home Internationals Ireland
Home Internationals


All sessions of the Ireland Home International have finished in Dublin. England won the age groups WO50 & MO70 and are came second in the MO50's behind a strong Ireland team.

Click here for the event report.

Click the link below or the Ireland flag logo to the left for detailed results and event information.  

2024 Home Internationals Ireland

The result table summary for all age groups is linked below:

Results Table - After Session 3

2024 Home Internationals Scotland
Home Internationals

The Scotland Home International event at Edinburgh Sports Club has now finished.

A brilliant result for England taking all 4 titles: MO40, MO60, WO35/40 and WO60's!

Click here or the Scotland flag to the left for the table standings.  For the detailed results from each of the session click the respective link below:

Session 1
Session 2
MO60 Session 1 Session 2
WO35/40 Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
2024 Home Internationals England
Home Internationals


The England Home International has finished in Nottingham and England has won 3 out of the 4 age group titles and come second in the fourth.

Click here or the England flag to the left for the event report.

For the results of each session click the respective links below:

Session 1
Session 2
 MO65 Session 1 Session 2
 WO45 Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
International Trans-Atlantic Masters Squash Series Report

The inaugural International Trans-Atlantic Masters Squash Series was played in New York on the 15th and 16th March with Mens over 50 & over 60 teams and a Ladies over 50 team competing against opposition from Canada, Ireland and the United States. Congratulations to all those who took part and to the Mens over 50 and over 60 teams who were both overall winners. A full match report will follow.

For the report, results and photos click here or the logo to the left.

iPROSPORTS British National Masters Squash Championships 2024
For the full results for this event click here

Please click here, or the image below to view the event photograph gallery.

iPROSPORTS British National Masters Squash Championships 2024
Click the following links to view other photos from the event:  Day 1 & 2 Photos,   Day 3 Photos,  Day 4 Photos

Finals here for the video from Court 10 on the final day.

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 British Open Masters 2024
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British National Championships 2025
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Squash Player Magazine
2023 Issue 2
Squash Player Magazine
Editorial: How to promote squash – trickle down or bottom up?
News: Squash bounces back in England; San Francisco canned, UK Squash Sell-Out; Walter’s Investment.
World Squash: It all works with commissions.
Refereeing: Squash Player asks PSA the key questions.
Thinking Inside The Box: What are, and what are not the key questions to grow our sport.
British Open: Brilliant sporting theatre and Birmingham a new ‘Open’ home.
World Champions: Déjà vu.
Interview: Mostafa Asal and his heroes.
Gear: It is 100 years up for Dunlop and Paul Coll has a new racket.
On Court: Performances of the Month; Round up; Rankings; Calendar; News; and Looking Forward.
Workshop: News: Kemp turns Kiwi, Mental Training Research, England Squash Awards; Phillip Marlowe on back corner secrets; Drew’s Diagnosis on Ali Farag’s depth; With Cross Court Analytics we look at the British Open stats and find some intriguing facts; Rodney Martin speaks on the coaching ban; Hesham El Attar on developing that all elusive experience; and Jesse Engelbrecht on plugging the leak in your mental bucket.
Gallery: James Zug on a College Centennial, First State Squash’s new home, fitting a court in a lift, and a goodbye to Gordon Lightfoot.
All England Squash Masters results are sent to SquashLevel.com the Worlds best squash player ranking system.
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