Bronze Tier Events
New Bronze Tier Level Masters Events

England Squash Masters (ESM) have implemented a bronze tier of master’s events which can sit below ESM regional events and may be organised by the following English squash communities:
  • A club or several clubs.
  • A county or number of counties.
  • A squash association.
The purpose of the bronze tier of events is to:
  • Promote ESM to a wider community of master’s level players across England.
  • To assist bronze event organisers to run well managed and promoted events using the ESM tournament software and equipment.
  • To provide a much-needed source of income for bronze event organisers.
  • To increase participation in Squash in line with one of England Squash’s priorities.
Outline Concept

Potential organisers will be able to apply to ESM to run a bronze level event over several days throughout the season as per the list of dates provided on the ESM website.

The organisers of these events do not need to meet the challenging venue requirements of an ESM regional tournament event and they will be permitted to vary many aspects based on the constraints within the hosting venue, or venues. These may include but are not limited to:
  • Number of courts. For a regional masters we required a minimum of 6 courts, but the suggested requirement for bronze level events will be a minimum of 3 courts.
  • Format. The format of the event is negotiable, provided ESM are able to support it on the tournament software. Therefore, aspects such as draw types, scoring methods and event duration are all areas that can be determined by the organisers.
  • Parking. Adequate parking close to the hosting venue is a key requirement for regional ESM events. However, organisers can address this issue as they see fit for this new type of event.
  • Food and Refreshments. It is understood that some hosting venues may not be able to provide food or refreshments to the level required by an ESM regional event.
  • Event Fees and Sponsorship. The organisers can set the event fees based on the package they will be offering to players. Sponsors can also be used to offset costs for bronze events. ESM will promote sponsors if requested to do so.
ESM will provide the service of an Event Manager to support the event from start to finish. The Event Manager will attend the event and provide support to the nominated Event Director. ESM will supply its tournament equipment (touch screens, TVs etc) to provide the players with the same level of event information as available at regional events.

All players playing in bronze-level events will earn ESM event points. ESM event points are used as part of the England team selection for the Home Internationals at the end of the season. The points awarded at a bronze event will be 25% of that awarded to a regional event. Players will be permitted to count their top two bronze-level results towards their overall qualifying points total for the season.

England Squash and England Squash Masters intend that the cost to organisers for this service will be subsidised for the next 2 seasons depending on the number of events run.

Click the link below for the full Bronze Tier Events terms and conditions:

Terms and Conditions for Bronze Level Masters Events for 2023-2024 Season

For the list of available event dates see the list below.

To apply for an event, or for more information email Brian Brock, Event Manager  [email protected]

Bronze Tier Level Masters Events Available Dates 2024-25 Season

The following dates are currently available to run an ESM Bronze Tier Event:

11-13 Oct 2024
 Avon County Masters (Lansdown Tennis and Squash Club) - Approved to be advertised from mid-Jun 2024.
18-20 Oct 2024

15-17 Nov 2024
22-24 Nov 2024
   3 Counties Squash Masters Open 2025 (Tring) - Open for Registration
17-19 Jan 2025
24-26 Jan 2025
 Bexley Lawn Tennis, Squash and Racketball Club Squash Masters Open - Approved to be advertised from mid-June 2024.
21-23 Feb 2025
28 Feb - 2 Mar 2025

7-9 Mar 2025
14-16 Mar 2025
Bronze Tier Level Masters Events Available Dates 2023-24 Season

The following dates were available to run an ESM Bronze Tier Event fo the 2023-24 season:

7-9 Jul 2023
 Northumberland Club Masters Open 2023 - Postponed until 2024
1-3 Sep 2023
 Event live - Redland Green Club, Bristol (Avon County Masters)
8-10 Sep 2023
 Event live - Tring Squash Rackets Club
15-17 Sep 2023
 Carlisle Squash Club (Carlisle Squash Club Masters Open) - Event cancelled 
6-8 Oct 2023
 Event live - Newton Abbot Squash Racquets & Lawn Tennis Club (Versatote Devon Club Masters Open 2023) - Event cancelled 
27-29 Oct 2023
 Event Live - Lindum Squash Club, Lincoln (Lindum Squash Masters Open 2023) - Event Cancelled

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