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Martin Pearse conceived England Squash Masters (“ESM”) in 2004 in order to allow Masters Squash Players, i.e. those over 35 years of age, to continue to play more competitive Squash. He wanted greater competition as a way to promote the game and to keep players involved for longer. A County and Masters International player, he also wanted to ensure players had opportunities to play for England in international matches.

He persuaded England Squash (“ES”) to support this initiative and so ESM became a sub-committee of ES. That year the first Regional Open Championships were played. With categories banded into five year age groups, players were awarded points for matches won in the Regional events plus the National Championships and the British Open. The top four point scorers were automatically selected for England along with two selectors’ choices who needed to have also played a minimum of two events.

The Regional events circuit has grown over the years. It has moved to different clubs around the country, nearly 20 to date, involving new players at every venue and promoting Masters Squash. Several thousand players have competed over this time and an event will typically attract about 180 players, although some have had over 200.

The Masters Internationals against Ireland, Scotland and Wales are played at the end of every season and are fiercely contested. The standard is very high and players represent the summit of the Masters game in the United Kingdom. England have dominated the International weekends but all the countries have been victorious in various age groups. The age groups playing at present are Men’s over 35 to over 75, and Women’s 35/40 to over 60.

In 2015 the player’s biannual General Meeting decided that ESM would become an independent organisation while still working closely with ES. Around this time ESM took responsibility for organising the Masters events in the National Championships and the British Open. The latter is the major British Masters event, sometimes held in conjunction with the PSA British Open. It has attracted well over 300 players from as far afield as the USA, Australia, South Africa and South America. With sponsorship and prize money it is regarded as a truly world-class event.

The ESM committee is responsible for organising and developing the activities which we offer. We have been fortunate to have been able to draw on insights and contributions from many enthusiastic volunteers to enable us to grow and become more successful since our inception in 2004. Revolutionary I.T. systems for tournament entries, draw management, court scheduling and touch screens all around the venues have set a very high benchmark for other tournaments to follow.

Stuart Hardy
April 2020
  • To lead the development of the Masters’ game in England (and the UK where relevant).
  • To advise the Board of Directors on strategic and policy aspects of Masters’ Squash.
  • To increase and widen participation in Masters’ events.
  • To work closely with the Chief Executive and his/her staff in the development, management and delivery of Masters’ Squash in England (and the UK where relevant).
  • An England Squash Member is defined as a Master if he or she is 35 years of age and older.
Terms of Reference
  • To establish and develop effective communication channels with Masters players in England and elsewhere.
  • This will include an England Squash Masters web-site with links to other web-sites.
  • To promote the game of Squash generally and the Masters game in particular.
  • To review, develop and assist in a competitive programme of events.
  • To encourage and increase participation in Masters' events at all levels.
  • To oversee and manage Home International events and any other International events involving England Masters teams.
  • To establish clear selection criteria and processes for England teams at Masters’ level.
  • To establish and strengthen sustainable links with other nations at Masters’ level and contribute to the development of Masters’ Squash internationally.
  • To raise the profile of Masters’ Squash.
  • To work with ES and attract sponsorship for Masters’ events and other initiatives.
  • To provide support for other areas of the game of Squash, including coach education, refereeing and volunteering where appropriate and relevant.

Click here to view the revised Terms of Reference which will be presented for agreement at the Players Meeting to be held on 9th June 2017.

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