British Open Masters Championships 2017

Tuesday 6 June - Sunday 11 June 2017

General Info:

Event Reports:

You can find reports on the event on the following sites:

SquashSite - http://squashsiteblog.tumblr.com/tagged/bomasters

Colets Health & Fitness Club Facebook Feed - https://www.facebook.com/ColetsHealth/?ref=br_rs

  • This includes a live video feed link from court 1.
  • Daily reports.

Venue Information Sheet

Please click the image above to view the venue information page created by Colets Health and Fitness.

Event Information

The Terms and Conditions for entering this event can be found by clicking here.

Registration Fees: This event will cost £31.50 for which you will receive:
  • a minimum of two matches
  • an event t-shirt
  • a free buffet if you attend the players' function on the evening of Friday 9th June.
Age Groups:

Men's Over 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80
Women's Over  35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75

Website: Website Link
Map: Map Link
Age Group 
Draw Type 
Finalists / Top Two 
Men's Over 3532 DrawAlex Preston bt Phil Nightingale3-1 (10/12,11/7,6/11,11/9)View Draw
Men's Over 4064 DrawScott Handley bt Steve Richardson3-0 (11/3,11/5,11/6)View Draw
Men's Over 4532 DrawNick Taylor bt Galen Le Cheminant3-0 (11/3,12/10,13/11)View Draw
Men's Over 5064 DrawStephen McLoughlin bt Eamonn Price3-1 (11/9,8/11,11/4,11/6)View Draw
Men's Over 5532 DrawMark Woodliffe bt Trevor Wilkinson3-1 (7/11,11/5,11/4,11/7)View Draw
Men's Over 6032 DrawClive London bt Robin Ridley3-1 (15/5,12/15,15/7,15/5)View Draw
Men's Over 6532 DrawSteve Jackson bt Ian Graham3-0 (17/15,15/7,15/5)View Draw
Men's Over 7032 DrawRodney Boswell bt Philip Ayton3-1 (8/15,16/14,16/14,15/9)View Draw
Men's Over 758 DrawAdrian Wright bt Michael Gough 3-1 (10/15,15/12,17/5,15/12)View Draw
Men's Over 804 Pool1st John Woodliffe; 2nd Malcolm GilhamPoolView Draw
Women's Over 358 DrawLauren Briggs bt Amina Helal3-1 (11/6,11/2,7/11,11/9)View Draw
Women's Over 4016 DrawKeeley Johnson bt Rachel Calver3-1 (11/8,7/11,11/9,11/6)View Draw
Women's Over 4516 DrawHope Prockop bt Orla O'Doherty3-0 (11/4,11/7,11/8)View Draw
Women's Over 5016 DrawRose Bamber bt Rachel Woolford3-2 (15/11,15/8,17/19,8/15,15/13)View Draw
Women's Over 5516 DrawFiona Mclean bt Mandy Akin3-2 (15/9,9/15,9/15,15/12,19/17)View Draw
Women's Over 703 Pool1st Ann Manley; 2nd Bett DryhurstPoolView Draw
Men's Over 35 Plate3 Pool1st Nathan Miller; 2nd Ben GriffinPoolView Draw
Men's Over 40 Plate8 DrawDean Newberry bt Julian Beckett3-1 (11/7,11/7,8/11,11/8)View Draw
Men's Over 45 Plate8 DrawRichard Winter bt Daniel Aimer3-0 (12/10,11/4,11/3)View Draw
Men's Over 50 Plate8 DrawLes Harkness bt Rashid Hashmi3-1 (11/13,11/9,11/9,11/7)View Draw
Men's Over 55 Plate8 DrawFelix Paal bt Godfrey Jordan3-2 (9/11,11/8,7/11,11/9,11/3)View Draw
Men's Over 60 Plate8 DrawJohn Goodrich bt Paul Ekins3-2 (15/10,5/15,2/15,15/11,15/8)View Draw
Men's Over 65 Plate8 DrawBryan Francis bt Philip Leek3-0 (15/5,15/7,15/9)View Draw
Men's Over 70 PlateFinal OnlyJames Dubois bt Thomas Elves3-0 (15/9,15/7,15/9)View Draw
Men's Over 75 PlateFinal OnlyDavid Fisher bt Mick McLaughlin3-0 (16/14,15/6,18/16)View Draw
Women's Over 35 Plate4 DrawKate Bradshaw bt Natalie Townsend3-2 (11/9,2/11,11/4,1/11,12/10)View Draw
Women's Over 40 PlateFinal OnlyJeanette White bt Yvette Ashman3-0 (11/5,11/6,17/15)View Draw
Women's Over 45 PlateFinal OnlyLinda Pritchard bt Helene Borg3-2 (10/12,5/11,11/5,11/3,11/7)View Draw
Women's Over 50 Plate3 Pool1st Karen Webb; 2nd Bev VatcherPoolView Draw
Women's Over 55 PlateFinal OnlyEunice Bond bt Lesley Sturgess3-2 (15/13,15/9,5/15,8/15,15/12)View Draw

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