South of England Masters 2015-16

Friday 8 January - Sunday 10 January 2016

General Info: Registration for this event closes midday Friday 1st January 2016 (Registration is now closed)

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Age Groups: Men's O35 O40 O45 O50 O55 O60 O65 O70 O75
Women's O35 O40 O45 O50 O55 O60                     
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Draw Type 
Finalists / Top Two 
Mens Over 358 DrawChris Gillespie bt Marcus Hayes3-1 (7/11,11/5,11/6,11/8)
Mens Over 4016 DrawAshley Bowling bt Jonathan Gliddon3-1 (11/9,3/11,11/9,11/7)
Mens Over 4516 DrawNick Brown bt Stuart Summers3-2 (11/9,7/11,4/11,1/11,11/5)
Mens Over 5032 DrawMarc Aldridge bt Peter Gunter3-0 (11/2,11/6,11/6)
Mens Over 5516 DrawDermot Hurford bt Neil Harrison3-0 (9/4,9/5,9/4)
Mens Over 6016 DrawMark Cowley bt Stuart Hardy3-0 (9/2,9/5,9/5)
Mens Over 6532 DrawIan Graham bt Jim Dougal3-0 (9/4,9/6,9/7)
Mens Over 7016 DrawRodney Boswell bt Chris Ansell3-0 (9/0,9/0,9/3)
Womens Over 35/4016 DrawHannah Wright-Davies bt Shayne Baillie3-2 (9/11,11/9,7/11,11/9,11/6)
Womens Over 455 Pool1st Isabelle Tweedle; 2nd Izzy TyrrellPool
Womens Over 504 Pool1st Rachel Woolford; 2nd Isobel SmithPool
Womens Over 554 Pool1st Sarah Howlett; 2nd Lynne DaviesPool
Mens Over 35 PlateFinal OnlySteven Sieff bt Gavin Noffki3-0 (12/10,11/6,11/9)
Mens Over 40 Plate4 DrawRichard Betts bt Stuart Seymour3-2 (11/9,7/11,12/10,6/11,11/8)
Mens Over 45 PlateFinal OnlyPaul Scott-Stevens bt Gary Calladine3-0 (11/3,11/2,11,2)
Mens Over 50 Plate8 DrawPeter Lonsdale bt Michael Wardle3-0 (11/5,11/2,11/6)
Mens Over 60 Plate4 DrawGraham Evans bt Iain Nicholson3-2 (7/9,10/8,5/9,9/8,9/3)
Mens Over 65 Plate3 Pool1st James Dubois; 2nd Edward WinterPool
Mens Over 70 Plate4 DrawAnthony Clifford bt Ken Reid 3-0 (10/8,9/6,9/7)
Womens Over 35/40 Plate3 Pool1st Louisa Dalwood; 2nd Zoë ShardlowPool
A new venue, a small family club with all six courts situated around the bar area. Easy to get to, the traffic problems weren’t quite as bad as some venues.

The draw dramatically increased in the week preceding cut off and again there were quite a few new faces as the largest Masters Circuit on planet earth enters its thirteenth season.

WO55 – a four draw became three as Dr Bennett suffered a bout of flu, and was won by Sarah Howlett from Lynn Davies, with Karen Hume third. But they all beat each other, so it was a close run thing. Hardi  sitting there with his calculator.

WO50  saw Rachel Woolford too good, beating Isobel Smith in the Final 9/0   9/4  9/0 and in the-

WO45 Isabelle Tweedle beating Izzy Tyrell 11/5  11/8  11/6.

WO35/40 in a very high quality Final, Hannah Wright Davies edged Shaine Baillie 9/11  11/9  7/11  11/9  11/6. Earlier in Baillie had just beaten Krissy Burkin 10/12  11/8  8/11  11/8  11/6, whilst Wright Davies had just squeaked past Natalie Lawrence 10/12  11/7  9/11  12/10  7/11.

MO70 – Brian Hardcastle narrowly beat Graham Fisher 9/5  3/9  9/6  7/9  9/5  on the cold court, the drop and volley being in abundance. A good lob was even better, as with no pace, it was virtually irretrievable. Chris Ansell revenged Mike Clemson  5/9  9/5  9/5  9/0, but came badly unstuck against newcomer and no 1 seed Rod Boswell, losing 0/9  0/9  3/9. Nothing Chris hit came off and everything Rodney attempted, did. Everyone waited for the usual comeback, but that was probably in the pub later.

MO65 – No 1 seed Ian Graham finally overcame a returning  Howard Cherlin, revelling in the court conditions. Eventually, Graham came through in the fifth, as he did later on in the Semi with the much improved Peter Smith. In the bottom half John Hithersay blew a wonderful opportunity with a match ball at 9/9 in the fifth and Jim Dougal capitalized. Then four hours later, took out Barry Featherstone 9/4  5/9  9/4  9/10  9/4. The Roz facebook page was strangely quiet. The Final saw Graham clinch the crucial points and he beat the travelling Scot 9/4  9/5  9/7.

MO60 – In the 60s, a cake walk for the ultra quick and very powerful Mark Cowley, beating Derek Bayliss, Tony Blott, Paul Harris and Stuart Hardy for a total loss of 41 points. Harris had dented Simon Evendon’s chances 9/7 in the fifth and Ian Holmes was 3-2 against Paul Reader before injuring  himself, against Stuart Hardy, though it is doubtful it would have made any difference.

MO55 - with Durmot Hurford back on the scene, a stronger draw than normal, and he took out Tom Burton and Mark Taylor. In the bottom half, Neil Harrison gained revenge over Grant Miller, who demolished him in the previous at Grove Park. However, the cold courts suited Harrison down to the ground and he won/squeaked through, 9/0  9/10  9/8  10/9. Hurford was in control in the Final – 9/4  9/5  9/4.

MO50 – With Eamonn Price entering too late, it was Mark  Aldridge at no1 and Darren Withey at 2. Local hero, John McFarlane removed 3-4 Peter Lonsdale who had to stay around all weekend as his lift was Neil Harrison. But as usual, Lonsdale got his moneys worth and the back walls took a battering from the famous Lonsdale volley lob, 9/11  11/8  5/11  11/5  11/9. McFarlane went down to Aldridge  11/6  12/10  10/12  12/10 – a close match, whilst Peter Gunter (3/4) took out Darren Withey 3-1. Aldridge was just too precise in the Final, 11/2  11/6  11/6.

MO45 – With Dave Youngs retiring at match ball because he was skiing in Spain (Andorra actually), the field was left clear. Stuart Summers overcame Steve Dodridge 12/10 in the fifth, whilst Steve McLoughlin, whose jet black hair continues to grow organically, edged newcomer Paul Scott Stevens, 11/6  6/11  6/11  11/1  11/4. But Andy Normile then took out McLoughlin before going down to Nick Brown  6/11 in the fifth. The Final went to five, but in the end Brown, ex Greshams, edged the fifth 11/5 to claim valuable points.

MO40 – Ashley  Bowling at 1 justified his seeding as he narrowly beat Paul Boyle 4/11  14/12  11/9  6/11  11/9, whilst in the bottom half, White Collar Boxing Champion Jon Gliddon, unmarked after his televised 3 rounder with a heavily tattooed opponent, was anxiously looking in the mirror at a damaged bloody eyebrow in a clash with Joss Hargrave. He relaxed when informed it gave him a lived-in visage and beat Joss 3/11  7/11  11/7  11/13. However, luck was not with JG in the Final as Bowling edged the crucial points, 11/9  3/11  11/9  11/7.

MO35 – No 1 seed Jamie Goodrich withdrew through injury, leaving the field clear for Marcus Hayes. In the bottom half, Chris Gillespie edged Tom May 3/2 and this set him up for the Final where he beat Marcus, 11/7  5/11  6/11  8/11.

Many thanks to Bishop’s Stortford Club and Andrew Mulvey, the Manager, Linda and the Bar Staff and Alistair Ambrose, Chairman.
Also to Referees Jill and Mike and of course Brian and Roz always, for their huge contribution.

Martin Pearse

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