West of England Masters 2013-14

Friday 29 November - Sunday 1 December 2013

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Age Groups: Men's O35 O40 O45 O50 O55 O60 O65 O70 O75
Women's O35 O40 O45 O50 O55 O60                     
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Draw Type 
Finalists / Top Two 
Men's Over 3516 DrawNick Wall bt Jamie Goodrich3-2 (11/6,12/10,9/11,9/11,11/9)
Men's Over 4016 DrawMichael McLaughlin bt Jonathan Gliddon3-0 (11/8,11/3,11/1)
Men's Over 4516 DrawFrank Ellis bt Eamonn Price3-1 (11/3,11/9,8/11,11/9)
Men's Over 5032 DrawMartin Greenslade by Gary Raw3-0 (9/2,9/2,9/3)
Men's Over 5516 DrawJeremy Goulding bt Stuart Hardy3-0 (9/2,9/5,9/3)
Men's Over 6032 DrawIan Holmes bt Ronnie Bell3-1 (5/9,9/4,9/6,9/2)
Men's Over 6516 DrawBarry Featherstone bt Aubrey Waddy3-0 (9/6,9/4,9/2)
Men's Over 702x3 Pool Anthony Clifford bt Mike Clemson3-1 (9/7,9/6,4/9,9/3)
Men's Over 753 Pool1st Vincent Taylor; 2nd Keith AlcockPool
Women's Over 404 Pool1st Sarah Parr; 2nd Lucy MurphyPool
Women's Over 454 Pool1st Rose Bamber; 2nd Rachel WoolfordPool
Women's Over 508 DrawFran Wallis bt Sarah Howlett3-0 (9/4,9/1,9/2)
Women's Over 552x3 Pool Helen Gould bt Karen Hume3-0 (9/4,9/6,9/5)
Men's Over 35 Plate3 Pool1st Barry Talbot; 2nd Matthew Lloyd-LewisPool
Men's Over 40 Plate3 PoolAleks Stojanovic bt Jeremy Baker3-2 (11/8,11/5,7/11,10/12,12/10)
Men's Over 44/50 Plate3 Pool1st Roger Green; 2nd Bryan YoultonPool
Men's Over 55 Plate8 DrawPaul Harris bt Ripley Oyler3-0 (9/2,9/6,9/2)
Men's Over 60 Plate3 PoolMichael Tidy bt Peter Smith3-0 (9/3,9/5,9/2)
Men's Over 65 PlateFinal OnlyMartin Day bt Keith Wilson3-1 (9/0,9/7,2/9,9/1)
Women's Over 50 PlateFinal OnlyJackie Gregory bt Polly Woodward 3-0 (9/5,10/8,9/6)
A new venue for the West was at the seven court Wolverhampton Squash Club and very accommodating too.

The WO55’s had the usual suspects with a returning Karen Hume overturning Lynne Davies 3-1 whilst Helen Gould ruled the roost in the other half. Gould was in no mood to switch off on the Sunday and dominated Hume 9/4 9/6 9/5.

The WO50’s saw Fran Wallis decimate the whole field, her pace and power too much for all concerned, beating Jackie Gregory, Pippa Green and Sarah Howlett in the Final, 9/4 9/1 9/2.

The WO45’s saw newcomer Rose Bamber beat Rina Einy 4/11 11/3 11/3 11/9 whilst the latter went down also to Rachel Woolford 4/11 12/10 6/11 9/11. The Final saw Bamber win over Woolford 11/8 11/4 11/5, the former showing a quality that will stand her in good stead for a crack at winning the Closed.

– saw Sarah Parr rack up the points, beating rival Lucy Murphy 5/11 12/10 11/4 11/8 and Alison Goy by a similar score. Murphy beat Goy and Kate Lawrence to claim second.

Men’s O75’s saw Canadian Vince Taylor win the West of Scotland ,fly home for two days and then win the West of England. Quite a few air miles in pursuit of glory! He beat both Mike Barnard and Keith Allcock, the latter coming second.

Men’s O70 – surprise package Tony Clifford having beaten Adrian Wright, claimed another scalp (not much hair to scalp!) in Mike Clemson. Graham Fisher was expected to dominate but lost to Clifford 3-0 and scraped home 3-2 against Ken Reid. Nigel Belle had an epic 5 setter with an unhappy Brian Hardcastle, 3/9 9/5 6/9 10/9 9/1.
In the Final Clifford dropped his way to victory 7/9 6/9 9/4 3/9, Clemson not able to impose himself at all.

Men’s O65
- European Champion Chris Ansell was overturned by Larry Grover 9/7 1/9 6/9 9/7 9/2 showing the strength of the group and Martin Day went down 9/7 6/9 3/9 9/5 9/4 to local Doug Russell. Aubrey Waddy ended up stronger than Tony Wheeler whilst Dave Hardern was all at sea in his match v Martin Pearse. The Semi’s saw both Barry Featherstone and Aubrey Waddy in control and yet another Final between these two saw Featherstone win easily 9/6 9/4 9/1 to go 2/1 ahead in the series.

Men’s O60 - another large draw with a big group of hopefuls chasing England No 6 spot...
Alan Hathway looks in pole position with Geoff Walton and Neil Nightingale not far behind, the former gaining kudos by beating the latter in an ill tempered match which I don’t wish to hear about ever again...
Ronnie Bell and Ian Holmes as usual, made their way to the Final and this time the 15 pints of real ale won over a couple of glasses of Red. How Holmes does it is one of those wonders of life!

Men’s O55 – Jeremy Goulding reigned supreme not breaking into sweat whilst no 2 Stuart Hardy found three opponents all capable of beating him, but his heavy training schedule paid off with some tight calls 2/9 3/9 10/9 7/9 v John Guyatt, 9/7 2/9 10/8 8/10 6/9 v David Wells and 4/9 9/6 3/9 5/9 v Tom Burton who had taken Colin Shields out 9/7 in the fifth.
The Final saw Goulding in charge except for a spell in the second when Hardy then seemed to let his emotions dominate as he disagreed with the ref... As refs are always right (unfortunately) it didn’t change the status quo. But Hardy virtually cemented his England place at the tender age of 59 in a very strong group, which will keep him happy.

Men’s O50 – Latecomer Nick Peel nearly caused a major upset with Martin Greenslade before the latter won 9/10 9/4 6/9 9/2 9/3 and then later in beating Steve Martin 6/9 9/5 9/4 3/9 9/6. Gary Raw dominated the bottom half but found Greenslade too quicksilver in the Final 9/2 9/3 9/3, despite the little fella’s exertions the day before.

Men’s O45
– With ‘The Wee Man’ back in attendance (PS – the film is true and pretty enjoyable), the 45’s had a guaranteed quality schedule. As expected Mr Ellis flew around the court at high velocity taking out Simon Spencer and Andrew Cross. In the bottom half Eamonn Price, now well past 50, celebrated new gainful employment by removing the everlasting Steve McLoughlin. Price had done his homework by working out that the only way to beat David Youngs is to relentlessly batter him into submission and as David only starts to sweat after 33 minutes, make sure the latter is still on court after that. That is precisely what happened, 11/8 9/11 12/10 11/6. Interesting to see what happens next time they play!
The Final was an epic, full of very, very high quality control at maximum 45-50 age group velocity. Ellis stuttered in the third as Price retaliated to make it 1-2, but the former held his nerve and with a couple of superb volley drops, claimed the title

Men’s O40 – Some tough games and some powerful squash, Mike McLaughlin taking out Marvin Rust 3-1 and Peter Goodings 11/9 11/7 11/6. The latter hits the ball as hard as Ian Cox but McLaughlin’s game plan was equal to the power. In the bottom half Jon Gliddon overturned Glen Ragou 11/9 9/11 6/11 12/10 11/8 and then Chris Stanley 4/11 14/16 5/11, to enter his first final. However, on the day McLaughlin was in control to claim the title.

Men’s O35 – The top two seeds are both over 40, but still got to the Final! Dean Newbury made Nick Wall fight to the bitter end 11/5 11/4 1/12 11/13 11/5, whilst Jamie Goodrich could have snagged against Tim Burrell but didn’t. 11/5 8/11 6/11 9/11. The Final was a nightmare for the ESR ref as both players wanted the T at all costs, but irrespective of the banter, the game was well worth watching. Superb control from both, amazing dexterity and quality of shot, nip and tuck for over an hour to 9/9 in the fifth. And then Jamie did something I never thought I would see. He tinned a drop and a volley - 11/9 to Nick. And the latter was mightily relieved.

Thanks to Simon Calrow the President and Marc Hughes the Operations Manager at Wolverhampton, Mick and Tracey Green from MG Air Systems, the event Sponsors. Plus Alan and Maria Wright for all their food and drink, ESR refs Ellis and Brian (they earnt their money!), Brian Brock as the Tournament Director keeping everything running perfectly!

Martin Pearse

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