South of England Masters 2013-14

Friday 25 October - Sunday 27 October 2013

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Age Groups: Men's O35 O40 O45 O50 O55 O60 O65 O70 O75
Women's O35 O40 O45 O50 O55 O60                     
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Draw Type 
Finalists / Top Two 
Men's Over 3516 DrawMarc Woolhead bt Jamie Goodrich3-1 (11/6,9/11,11/8,11/7)
Men's Over 4016 DrawMike Gregory bt Michael McLaughlin3-1 (11/7,7/11,11/5,11/7)
Men's Over 4516 DrawStephen Mcloughlin bt Peter Gunter3-2 (8/11,6/11,11/3,11/8,11/8)
Men's Over 5016 DrawEamonn Price bt Gary Raw3-0 (9/5,9/6,9/5)
Men's Over 5532 DrawJeremy Goulding bt Duleep AdhihettyDuleep Adhihetty Withdrew Injured
Men's Over 6016 DrawStephen Jackson bt Ian Holmes3-1 (10/8,9/3,7/9,9/3)
Men's Over 6516 DrawBarry Featherstone bt Aubrey Waddy3-0 (9/4,9/2,9/7)
Men's Over 702x3 Pool Mike Clemson bt William Wilson3-1 (6/9,9/6,9/5,9/2)
Women's Over 402x3 Pool Sam Mueller bt Sarah Parr3-1 (9/6,7/9,9/7,9/4)
Women's Over 454 Pool1st Diana Parums; 2nd Rachel WoolfordPool
Women's Over 508 DrawFiona McLean bt Mandy Akin3-1 (8/10,9/5,9/4,9/6)
Women's Over 553 Pool1st Jill Campion; 2nd Lynne DaviesPool
Men's Over 35 PlateFinal OnlyJon Hunter bt Andrew Murphy3-1 (11/6,11/6,9/11,11/3)
Men's Over 40 PlateFinal Only1st Matthew DavisOpponent withdrew
Men's Over 45/50 PlateFinal OnlyTom Burton bt Chris Lowry3-0 (9-3,9/0,9/0)
Men's Over 55 PlateFinal OnlyTom Burton bt Chris Lowry3-0 (9/3,9/0,9/0)
Men's Over 60 Plate3 Pool1st Peter Farr; 2nd Chris WilsonPool
Men's Over 65 PlateFinal OnlyRaymond Illingworth bt Martin Day3-1 (9/2,5/9,10/9,9/1)
Women's Over 50 Plate4 DrawJulia Ledger bt Pippa Green3-2 (9/6,9/4,8/10,6/9,9/10)
120 players entered the one of the new additions to the calendar, the thriving Surrey Club, Colets, where a number of Masters ply their trade. The M25 didn’t cause as much havoc as it can do, although Peter Alexander dodged the bullet at the exact moment the M11/M25 was closed and Martin Levens, a few minutes later, was held up for 3 hours!

The Women’s O45 event was was thrown into confusion with the very late withdrawal of Jo Brown and Diana Parums 5am, 250 mile journey for a 9.30 start was fruitless. Diana was too strong for the rest of the draw and Rachel Wolford came second.

The Women’s O55 was also a three horse race with Jill Campion beating Lynne Davies 9/1 10/8 9/3 and Rebecca Moore 9/0 9/2 9/0 the Champion. Lynne came second.

The Women’s O50 saw some new entrants join the pack chasing Mandy Akin, Fiona McLean and Fran Wallis. Tammy Bennett beat Pippa Green 8/10 8/9 9/1 7/9 and Sarah Howlett beat Julia Ledger 10/9 9/6 9/0, but to no avail as the no 1 and 2 seeds, Mandy Akin and Fiona McLean progressed to the Final. The Final saw Fiona, as quick silver as ever, picking up most that Mandy could throw at her and in an entertaining Final, winning 8/10 9/5 9/4 9/0.

The Women’s O40 saw two groups. Sam Mueller was far too strong for Group 1, whilst in Group 2, Sarah Parr, this time, beat her long standing rival, Isabelle Tweedle 9/7 9/10 7/9 9/3 9/2. In the Final, Mueller and Parr went at it hammer and tongs, but Sam Mueller, vastly improved, especially now she has a short game-- was just a bit too strong on the day for the talented Sarah Parr, 9/6 7/9 9/7 9/4.

Men’s O70

Also saw two groups and in Group 1, Mike Clemson, travelling further than most pensioners (250 miles) to scrape past Ken Reid 3/2 and Tony Clifford 9/6 9/1 9/5. William Wilson ruled the roost in Group 2 beating Graham Fisher (who in truth probably beat himself as he had a number of match balls) 9/4 9/10 9/10 10/9 10/8. A gnat’s whisker...., and Brian Hardcastle. Sunday am, Clemson after surrendering the first with a 7/2 lead, emerged as the winner 3/1.

MO65 – A strong draw, Aubrey Waddy, cleaning out newcomer Larry Grover 9/0 9/4 9/4 and Rod Boswell doing the same to Martin Pearse 3/1, still not back on track after his long lay-off due to his broken leg. Chris Goodbourne flattered to deceive beating Euro champ Chris Ansell 9/3 9/2 4/9 9/5, but being outrun by Barry Featherstone 3, 1 and 1. Waddy took out Boswell, the latter tiring after his earlier efforts and in the Final, Featherstone held the whip hand (as before) until nerves visibly took a hold at 9/4 9/2 and 6/1. Waddy returned to lead 6/7 but the ex Army player controlled himself and played tightly to win 9/7.

MO60 – Stephen Jackson nearly fell to Paul Reader 4/9 5/9 but reversed to 9/4 9/1 9/3 whilst Mike Tidy, up and down in form, was up, beating Geoff Walton 3/1 and Alistair Niven 3/0. Ian Holmes, consistent as ever, took advantage of Ronnie Bell’s long morning match when he lead 9/2 9/1, only to find himself 2/2 with newcomer Ian Smith. Bell won eventually 3/2 but there wasn’t enough Cumbrian gas in the tank for another long drawn out match four hours later with Holmes who sneaked in 0/9 9/6 5/9 9/7 9/5. Saturday night with Mr Hedges at a real ale pub in Surbiton versus tee- total Steve Jackson. Early on the latter retrieved a bad start to lead 10/8 9/3 . Holmes replied 9/7 but Jackson was too strong 9/3 and the title.

MO55 – No early surprises, though seeded Peter Culver underwent a fight back from Simon Evendon 9/2 9/5 1/9 7/9 9/2 before departing to Duleep Adihetty in the Quarters. Stuart Hardy was untroubled but one of the matches of the day was Colin Shields v Vittorio Vanloo who is in the same league and standard as Stuart Hardy at Colets. Vanloo should have won (and if the marker had been me, he would have won!) because Colin was so tired he was taking a very, very long time between points and not being punished................ As well as a clear, clear penalty point to Vanloo on match ball, which he didn’t ask for... and might have been given by the marker anyway! Jeremy Goulding was untroubled all the way through to the Final... except that in Semi no 2, Stuart Hardy, probably still kicking himself as he reads this, led Duleep Adihetty 2/0 and 7/4 (and 8/5). Failure to convert one point meant a 2/3 loss as Duleep fought back 9/4 9/3 8/10 8/10 5/9. Unfortunately, the Adihetty ankle was too swollen for the Final so Jeremy claimed the title without changing. Unfortunate...

MO50 – John Parkes should have been seeded but unfortunately wasn’t. He really gave Eamonn Price a hard time 10/9 5/9 9/2 9/3, whilst in the bottom half, Alan Thomson (not the Alan Thomson we knew of old, at present, due to an injury layoff) just saw off Martin Levens, but was just a tad behind Garry Raw 9/2 9/7 10/9. The latter playing his team mate Eamonn Price, was too tired to take advantage to any rare Price slip ups, in the Final, Price 9/5 9/6 9/5. Clinical is the word.

MO45 – With Dave Youngs safely in Youngs Towers, aka court no 1 at EASRC coaching youngsters, there would be no replay of Gunter and Youngs. Gunter found Duane Harrison a handful 11/8 2/11 11/5 11/6, whilst no 2 seed Steve McLoughlin probably covered the 50 mile mark over the weekend, as he ran down balls at every angle, every corner and at high speed... He took out Marc Aldridge who had an epic with Ray Burke, 11/5 10/12 14/16 11/9 11/7. In the Final, McLoughlin just returned everything and eventually wore down Gunter, 11/8 11/6 3/11 8/11 8/11, to record a famous victory especially as he introduced a couple of new shots into the McLoughlin repertoire! One people know as a boast......... amazing. Very unfair on Peter...

MO40 - tight matches here, with Mike McLaughlin sneaking no 1 seed Paul Boyle 8/11 11/7 11/7 9/11 10/12 whilst in the bottom half Mike Gregory was on top with Chris Stanley 11/7 15/13 11/9 and Stuart Summers 11/5 11/8 11/4. The Final was a lengthy affair with the talented Gregory-he varies his pace far more than the rest- in charge mostly (just) and he recorded the title 11/7 7/11 11/5 11/7

MO35 – A couple of very early tight matches, Paul Johnson sneaking Steve Payne 3/2 as did Mick Biggs against newcomer Matt Marshall. Marc Woolhead was mostly in charge of his matches to the Final except a blip with Sam Stabler 9/11 9/11 12/10 4/11, but Jamie Goodrich, as usual, appeared on the Sunday morning. However, the script didn’t go to plan as Marc kept ahead, 11/6 9/11 11/8 and then four mistakes from the normally unflappable Goodrich saw him lose 7/11 and the title. (I hope he didn’t get zapped for speeding on the way home, or out of the Club...!)

As this was Colets first venture to hold a Masters, it went extremely well and we even had the rare luxury of the Club Captain, World famous Photographer-seriously, google him- Geoffrey Howes taking pictures of all the players on the Sunday morning!

Many thanks to Dave Peck and Jordan, the General Manager, to all the Bar and Catering Staff, especially for the Complimentary Breakfast, very welcome, the ESR Referees, Mike and Paul and finally to Brian Brock for his superb organisation.

Martin Pearse

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