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Friday 27 September - Sunday 29 September 2013

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Draw Type 
Finalists / Top Two 
Men's Over 3516 DrawJamie Goodrich bt Tim Burrell3-1 (11/8,15/13,9/11,11/2)
Men's Over 408 DrawStuart Summers bt John Hanson3-1 (11/13,11/1,11/4,11/9)
Men's Over 4516 DrawDavid Youngs bt Peter Gunter3-0 (9/7,9/6,9/5)
Men's Over 5016 DrawDarren Withey by Gary Raw3-0 (9/2,9/2,9/0)
Men's Over 5516 DrawStuart Hardy bt Mark Cowley3-1 (9/6,6/9,9/4,9/3)
Men's Over 6016 DrawStephen Jackson bt Ian Holmes3-0 (9/7,9/4,9/5)
Men's Over 6516 DrawAubrey Waddy bt Barry Featherstone3-2 (1/9,0/9,9/7,9/6,9/5)
Men's Over 70/752x3 Pool Adrian Wright bt Mike Clemson3-2 (2/9,9/4,2/9,9/4,9/5)
Women's Over 35/40/458 DrawSam Mueller bt Isabelle Tweedle3-1 (9/4,6/9,9/0,9/1)
Women's Over 502x3 Pool Fran Wallis bt Sarah Howlett3-0 (9/4,10/8,10/8)
Men's Over 35/40 PlateFinal OnlyIan Douglass vs John Hunter3-0 (11/3,11/6,11/8)
Men's Over 45 PlateFinal OnlyIan Gould vs Adam Yates3-2 (9/4,9/1,7/9,2/9,9/1)
Men's Over 50 PlateFinal OnlyMartin Levens vs Phil Wakefield3-1 (9/7,6/9,9/7,9/2)
Men's Over 55 Plate3 Pool1st Gordon Lamb; 2nd Kevin HedgesPool
Men's Over 60 Plate4 DrawPhil Godfrey vs Ian Lennox3-0 (9/4,9/3,9/0)
Men's Over 65 Plate3 Pool1st John Alderson; 2nd Dave HardernPool
Women's Over 40/45 Plate3 Pool1st Rachel Woolford; 2nd Sue SmithPool
The first Regional of the new 2013-2014 season was played, as usual, in glorious sunshine, at Peter Alexander’s Club, Moreton Hall, Bury St Edmunds.

118 entrants were whittled down by injuries, woundings el al and there was a blip in the O50 as Ged Martin no 1 seed, pulled out very, very late on Friday...

In the WO50 event, Sarah Howlett won Group 1, with Jackie Gregory in beating Tammy Bennett 9/3 9/6 7/9 7/9 9/4, coming second. Group 2 was owned by Fran Willis and Julie Dolman came second, beating Sue Penman 9/5 9/4 9/1. In the Final, Fran Wallis, with her health and safety yellow and black T shirt, was a bit too colourful for Howlett winning 9/4 10/8 10/8.

The WO35-45’s was combined and Sue Mueller was too strong for the opposition. The Final with Isabelle Tweedle started evenly, but Mueller’s strength and power shone through in a 9/4 6/9 9/0 9/1 score. Earlier Tweedle had had a lengthy even battle with a returning Diana Parums, 9/5 7/9 9/2 8/10 10/8, which partly explains the final score, as Mueller won hers, 9/0 9/0 9/1.

MO70: European Champions fell thick and fast here, as Mike Clemson overturned Graham Fisher 9/2 0/9 7/9 9/2 5/9 and Brian Hardcastle 9/1 0/9 3/9 9/6 9/1.  In the other section, Adrian Wright revenged Tony Clifford 9/5 8/10 9/2 9/4 and then beat Clemson 2/9 9/4 2/9 9/4 9.5 in the Final. He tells me it’s his 19th Regional win... Newcomer Ken Reid beat Brian Hardcastle 3/1 and Clifford beat Fisher 3/1 for ¾ position

MO65: Not the strongest draw it could be as Messrs Ayton, Goodbourn, Boswell and Cherlin were all missing. Chris Ansell turned over Martin Day 6/9 9/5 9/1 9/1 and Martin Pearse beat fellow England player Geoff Howes 9/1 9/6 9/3. Barry Featherstone then beat Ansell 9/4 9/5 9/7 and Aubrey Waddy beat the Chairman 8/10 9/0 9/3 9/5. In the Final, as expected, Featherstone cruised to a formidable 9/0 9/1 lead only for Waddy to get into his head yet again, and the latter emerged mentally much the strongest, 0/9 1/9 9/7 9/6 9/5. Isn’t squash such an amazing game?! At PAR, Barry would have won in 17 minutes. As it was it lasted 62 minutes!

MO60: Another group missing some of the England team, early tight matches, Jez Horrocks beat Phil Godfrey 9/10 4/9 9/7 9/7 9/1, whilst Mick Broomhall beat newcomer Ian Lennox 6/9 9/2 3/9 9/4 9/4. Geoff Walton then sneaked Horrocks 9/7 in the fifth to justify his seeding, all supreme for Steve Jackson at no 1 seed and ditto the George Hotel Desborough sponsored Ian Holmes. However, clean living and early bed normally wins over clean living and late nights and so it proved, Jackson winning 9/7 9/4 9/5. Holmesy though discovered a new Real Ale add to his list.

MO55: Early rounds saw three newcomers beat fringe seed 5-8 players, Alan Hathway 0/9 9/7 9/4 9/6 over Simon Evenden, Tim Taylor 9/7 9/3 9/2 over Ripley Oyler and Peter Culver over Dave Stones 9/1 5/9 9/6 9/1. Culver then gave Steve Johnson a fright 9/6 8/3 before the Lancastrian pulled through. Colin Shields made life complicated for the bundle of edgy energy that is called Mark Cowley, not himself at the moment. In the other Semi Final, Stuart Hardy’s superb serve, up there with the best, (he is willing to give Lance some lessons) gave Steve Johnson plenty to think about. Hardy led the first, then blew it 9/10, but it soon dawned on him the unthinkable was actually a great possibility and as Hardy got more confident, the scores and shot making favoured the southerner. Halfway through the fourth everyone realised it was Hardy’s to lose as Steve was not retrieving as he normally does: a few clinical shots put Hardy in the Final (which as his room mate, he didn’t expect).

So to the Final, and the outsider had plenty of advice. Mark’s propensity for hitting the nick, or tin directly off service, is well known. Stuart’s floated serves caused a lot of the aforesaid, which enabled Hardy to win 3 or 4 points a game. It suddenly dawned on Hardy, there was a big chance to claim a first ever victory over his nemesis and he duly played extremely well, hitting the ball very hard and some superb drops. With the referee disallowing a number of Cowley requests, the game became stop start, but after 44 minutes, Hardy’s squash career probably took off as he beat his team mate (and good friend) 9/6 6/9 9/4 9/3 in arguably his best ever victory... As ever Cowls took it very well, but the next match between the two will be very interesting...

MO50: With Ged Martin dropping out at 4pm, it opened up the proceedings somewhat...! Nigel Bacon unlucky to get the no 1 seed Darren Withey, gave him a hard time, losing 5/9 9/3 9/4 9/3. Newcomer David Gray sneaked Martin Levens 7/9 10/9 9/5 4/9 9/5 and then Grant Miller 9/3 1/9 9/2 8/9 6/9. Grant, very unlucky, 8/9 is always a b.....! Gary Raw, however, took full advantage and was much too strong for Nick Peel, Nick Englert and Gray before meeting bang on form Withey and losing 0-3, but pleased for Withey as his first win and Raw for his inaugural Final!

MO45: No early surprises and it wasn’t until the Semi between the running machine, aka Steve McLoughlin, versus the freak of nature called David Youngs, that it took off. The first two were close enough, But SMcL had done so much running in 40 minutes, it probably felt like a marathon. With the ball going to all four corners on a pretty consistent basis, it was a great match to watch. In the top half, Gunter’s precision and skill was too much for Duane Harrison. So, when BB asked me to mark the Final, I was honoured.

Gunter’s Euro Final was a match savoured by thousands on the World Wide Web and it was a great pity this one wasn’t. All of us have seen thousands of matches over the years, but Youngs court craft, lobs, widths, drops were virtually perfect every time. Gunter is the nearest thing to a 45 year old Touring Professional, so it made a truly great match to watch. But even Peter realised the game was up towards the end as the scampering Youngs, likened by one of the gallery as a grey haired Ramy Ashour, controlled everything. 9/7 9/6 9/5. Youngs v Gunter Mark 2 will be interesting next time!

MO40: Some big units playing, none more so than Stuart Summers, whose movement around the court normally covers one stride, left, right, back, front. He played Devonian Jon Gliddon in a very tight match 11/7 7/11 11/2 11/9 and then Jason Foster 11.4 8/11 6/11 5/11 with the latter’s movement seemingly impeded. Matt Stephenson edged Ian Douglass 3/2 and then lost a tight one to John Hanson 3/1.

The Final was a hard match, but Summers was delighted in front of his family, to record his first Regional, 11/13 11/1 11/4 11/9.

MO35: Get out of jail card for Jamie Goodrich as he was 1/2 and 3/9 down to Paul Johnson who will be kicking himself... Goodrich’s change of game plan, in part due to Richard Millman’s coaching, has resulted in JG playing much more variably. Score 10/12 11/7 9/11 12/10 11/9. Mick Biggs took out Ian Cox but then fell to Goodrich1/3.. whilst newcomer Len Westover beat Sam Stabler 9/11 13/11 9/11 13/11 9/11!!

Nick Hargreaves took out local Liam Nolan 13/11 9/11 8/11 2/11 and then Westover, 7/11 12/10 7/11 3/11. No 2 seed Tim Burrell progressed without a problem, cleared the Hargreaves hurdle 3/1 to beat Goodrich. The latter can run all day, no problem, especially in a Final and Burrell eventually went down fighting in 1 hour, 11/8, 15/13, 9/11, 11/2.

Many thanks to Peter Alexander at Bury and to all the helpers for making it a great weekend.

Martin Pearse

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