West of England Masters 2012-13

Friday 30 November - Sunday 2 December 2012

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Finalists / Top Two 
Men's Over 3516 DrawJamie Goodrich bt Frank Ellis3-0 (11/7,11/5,11/4)
Men's Over 408 DrawPaul Boyle bt Glen Ragou3-1 (11/6,8/11,11/4,11/8)
Men's Over 4516 DrawEamonn Price bt Stephen McLoughlin3-1 (9/3,9/4,5/9,9/6)
Men's Over 5016 DrawAdrian Jaski bt James Ockwell3-2 (3/9,9/1,8/10,9/1,9/4)
Men's Over 5516 DrawDuleep Adhihetty bt Stuart Hardy3-1 (9/1,9/3,4/9,9/4)
Men's Over 6032 DrawIan Holmes bt Paul Reader3-1 (3/9,9/2,9/5,9/2)
Men's Over 6516 DrawRodney Boswell bt Barry Featherstone3-0 (9/6,9/7,9/2)
Men's Over 702x4 PoolMike Clemson bt Brian Hardcastle3-0 (9/3,9/6,9/4)
Women's Over 35/402x4 PoolBeverly Mackay bt Sarah Parr3-1 (9/5,6/9,9/4,9/0)
Women's Over 452x4 PoolRina Einy by Mandy Akin3-1 (9/2,9/4,6/9,9/6)
Women's Over 508 DrawHelen Gould bt Jill Campion3-1 (5/9,9/4,9/1,9/6)
Women's Over 554 Pool1st Jan Ellis; 2nd Lynne DaviesPool
Men's Over 35 PlateFinal OnlyPeter Lonsdale bt Jonathan Slee3-1 (16/14,6/11,6/11,12/14)
Men's Over 40/45 Plate4 DrawSimon Evans bt Mike Nichols3-1 (9/3,1/9,9/1,9/7)
Men's Over 50/55 Plate3 Pool1st Nick Peel; 2nd Russ BothwickPool
Men's Over 60 Plate3 Pool1st John Goodrich; 2nd Peter SmithPool
Men's Over 65 Plate3 Pool1st William Wilson; 2nd Tommy ElvesPool
The West venues have chopped and changed since our inauguration in 2004 and this was the first time at the six court, Redland Complex in Bristol. The weather played its evil hand by allowing ice to form on the flat roof, thereby causing problems for the management, as the courts didn’t heat properly and a couple leaked... The last time we came to Bristol (Redwood Lodge), the same thing happened.

WO55 – Local girl Jan Ellis is obviously benefiting from some of her husband’s training as she was delighted to beat Lynne Davies 9/6  9/7  9/5  and Jane Law 9/6  9/3  9/4. Runner up was Davies 3-1.

WO50 – Avon Lady Helen Gould, formerly from Bristol and now living in Portishead, was always favorite, but struggled to beat long time opponent, a really quick Pippa Green, who had a match ball. And, didn’t take it, which can cause a problem. Score – Gould 5/9  9/3  3/9  10/9  9/2. In the Final she overcame Jill Campion (who had beaten Tammy Bennett 3-2), 5/9  9/4  9/1  9/6.

WO45 – A late drop out caused problems as Rina Einy easily won Group 2, whilst Bea de Dreu Spitze and Mandy Akin fought it out in Group 1, Akin for once, easily winning. It’s normally nip and tuck. The Final saw Einy win 2/9  4/9  9/6  6/9.

WO35/O40 – Split up,  Sarah Parr winning  Group 1 and Bev Mackay, Group 2. Parr beat Isabelle Tweedle 9/6  5/9  9/1  9/3, whilst Mackay won all hers, 3-0. In the ‘Final’ Mackay, much improved, secured the title 9/5  6/9  9/4  9/0.

MO70 – Whilst Mike Clemson is in the draw, it is to see who will be second. In the event, Brian Hardcastle overcame Nigel Belle 9/1 9/3  9/2 and Andrew Beeston scraped in against Belle, 2/9  9/3  9/6  5/9  9/7. Clemson won all his 3-0! In the Play-offs Kinder 3, Belle 1, Beeston 3, Taylor 1 and in the Final, Clemson 9/3  9/6  9/4 v Hardcastle.

MO65 – Barry Featherstone’s started slowly against both Tony Wheeler and Aubrey Waddy to reach the Final, gaining revenge on the latter after his defeat at Bury St Edmunds. In the bottom half, Martin Pearse beat Martin Day 9/0  4/9  10/8  5/9  9/2 and then later in the day (excuse the pun) trailed  European Champion Rod Boswell 1/9  2/9 in the Semi. When he took the third 9/6 and led 8/5 in the fourth, it looked like yet another comeback, but Boswell had the edge (for the moment) and won 10/8. In the final, his variation of height and pace, his immaculate volleying and back hand drops, completely broke up Featherstone’s pattern of play – result 9/6  9/7  9/2.

MO60 – Ian Holmes, full of the  West Countries very best real ales, was still far too good for the rest of the draw, beating Richard Lowe, Trevor Cox, Alan James and then Paul Reader in the Final. James the many times Welsh Champion had the match of the Tournament, mid afternoon Friday against Peter Smith, match balls to both 10/9  4/9  9/2  8/10  10/8. The easier victories were Geoff Howes and Geoff Walton. No 2 seed Judge John Goodrich found Black Rod, aka David Leakey a handful in squash attire and a Marlborough v Sherborne, Cambridge and Oxford battle resulted in the latter victory 9/5  9/7  9/7. Leakey then beat Paul Godfrey 10/8  9/5  10/9  before narrowly losing to Paul Reader 9/3  6/9  10/9  9/6. The Final saw Holmes win 3/9  9/2  9/5  9/2.

MO55 – saw the re-emergence of International traveller Duleep Adihetty, still deadly with racquet in hand, Duleep’s family invented the drop shot. (No point running to retrieve on a cold court is the inference intended). He overcame, not without a struggle,  both Simon Evenden and Colin Shields, before meeting Stuart Hardy in the Final. Hardy had easily beaten his part of the draw but Adihetty won 9/1  9/3, blipped as Hardy came back  into it 4/9 but reasserted himself to win the fourth 9/4.

MO50 – Adrian Jaski no 1 seed just, just scraped in against Martin Greenslade, now back after his Achilles injury, 9/1  6/9  9/2  8/10  10/9 and that kept him mentally in good stead for yet another cliff hanger in the Final with eternal Finalist James Ockwell, whose stretching routines are beginning to rival the maestro, Peter Alexander. Ockwell had an easy path as Dermot Hurford retired with injury so the former was fresh for the Final. However, despite leading 2/1, Ockwell was unable to capitalize and Jaski won 3/9  9/1  8/10/ 9/1  9/4.

MO45, breathing a sigh of relief that Frankie Ellis had dropped down 2 age groups, Eamonn Price and Steve McLoughlin duly wended their respective ways to the Sunday showdown. Price beat Simon Spencer 5/9  9/5  9/1  9/7 and Dave Harrison 9/4  7/9  9/6  9/6, whilst McLoughlin removed Andrew Eilfeild  and Rob Watkins, both 3-0. The Final saw Price back on the winner’s podium, 9/3  9/4  5/9  9/6.

MO40 - Small  draw saw some tough matches never the less as Jon Gliddon overturned Damien Gray 3-2 before going down to Glen Ragou 3-1. Paul Boyle at no 1 was too clinical  and fast for Justyn Claydon and Stuart Summers and in the Final Ragou’s lifestyle somewhat caught up with him in between the 40th and 43rd minutes of a hard, hard match!! ( Blame it on his lifestyle  manager Brad Burn ). Result, Boyle, too precise 11/6  8/11 11/4  11/8.

MO35 saw no 1 seed Marc Woolhead overturned by 45 year old local Frankie Ellis 8/11  11/9  8/11  6/11 and in the bottom half, 41 year old Jamie Goodrich having narrowly beaten Rich Green 12/14  7/11  11/0  11/3  11/6, then gained revenge over Tim Burrell, 7/11  12/10  11/7  8/11  13/11. In the Final, Goodrich playing at 120% against Ellis’ 120% was just a tad too quick in an entertaining a hard hitting battle 11/7  11/5  11/4.

Finally, thanks to Nick Drysdale and Mark Regan for all the effort they put in at Redlands, the ESR Markers and Brian and Roz Brock for all the work put in to make the weekend run very smoothly, all things considered. 

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