East of England Masters 2004-05

Saturday 2 October - Sunday 3 October 2004

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The first East of England Masters was attended by 41 players and although the entries were small in the O35 and all the Ladies sections, was enjoyed by all concerned. With points (for the Men only) counting towards International caps, the three Tournaments to be held after Christmas, the South (Broxbourne), North (Pontefract) and Midlands (Grantham) are all expected to have much bigger draws. (The British Open and Closed will have double points).

Because of the different age group sizings, some were run on a round robin basis, others in the normal fashion. However, (for Regional Tournaments) only the Finals will be played on the Sunday in future!! Why, will be explained later*

Age Group 35

Winner Kevin McKay (Scotland) beat Stuart Parke, the only other entrant 3/2. There were two other entrants who withdrew. No points awarded for this group, as the winner came from Scotland!

Age Group 40

Final – Mark Shildrake bt Stuart Wardle 3/0
3rd Place Playoff – Mike Wardle bt Nick Peel 3/1

M.Shildrake 400
S.Wardle 300
M.Wardle 200
N.Peel 200

Age Group 45

Winner – Ian Bradburn bt David Taylor 3/0
3rd place David Newman bt Steve Fair 3/1

I.Bradburn 400
D.Taylor 300
D.Newman 200
S.Fair 200
Martyn Ballands
Ian Bradburn
Martyn Ballands
Over 50 Winner
Ian Bradburn
Over 45 Winner

Age Group 50

Winner – Martin Ballards (Essex) bt Ian Holmes (Northants) 10/9 1/9 5/9 9/5 9/4
3rd Place Playoff - PJ Rutherford (Kent) beat Ian Douglas 3/0

Round Robin Results
Holmes bt Brian Hawkes 3/1, bt PJ Rutherford 3/0 bt Albert Akin 3/0
PJ Rutherford bt Brian Hawkes 3/1 bt Albert Akin 3/0
Albert Akin bt Brian Hawkes 3/0
Martin Ballands bt Jim Douglas 3/0, bt Mike Davies 3/0 bt Paul Newbury 3/0
Jim Douglas bt Paul Newbury 3/1 bt Mike Davies 3/0

M.Ballands 400
I. Holmes 300
PJ Rutherford 200
J.Douglas 200

Age Group 55

Final – Brian Hanson bt Paul Smith 9/2 9/4 9/4
Semi Finals – Brian Hanson (Wiltshire) bt Peter Lewis (Kent) 10/8 9/6 9/7
Paul Smith (Lancashire) bt Martin Pearse (Norfolk) 10/9 4/9 8/10 9/6 9/5

Round Robin Results
Group 3 – Brian Hanson bt Dave Hardern 3/0 bt Robert Smith 3/0
Dave Hardern bt Robert Smith 3/0
Group 2 – Martin Pearse bt Graham Bone 3/1 bt Chris Ansell 9/1 9/6 8/10 9/1
Chris Ansell bt Graham Bone 3/0
Group 1 – Paul Smith bt Peter Lewis 9/5 9/4 7/9 8/10 10/8
Peter Lewis bt Mike Batt 3/0
Paul Smith bt Mike Batt 3/0

B. Hanson 400
P. Smith 300
M. Pearse 200
P. Lewis 200

*With Paul Smith and Martin Pearse’ match lasting well over an hour, the former was virtually unable to walk two hours later for his final

Age Group 60

Final – Mike Clemson (Yorkshire) bt John Prowse (Kent) 9/3 9/0 9/7
Play Off – Len Froggitt (Herts) bt Lance Kinder (Hants) 9/3 9/1 9/5

M. Clemson 400
J. Prowse 300
L. Froggitt 200
L. Kinder 200

Age Group O40 Ladies

Final – Mandy Akin (Kent) bt Karen Hume (Kent) 3/2
Semi Final – Mandy Akin bt Sue Pynegar 7/9 9/4 9/3 10/8
Karen Hume bt Claire Baker 3/2

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