Midlands Masters 2013-14

Friday 31 January - Sunday 2 February 2014

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Age Groups: Men's O35 O40 O45 O50 O55 O60 O65 O70 O75
Women's O35 O40 O45 O50 O55 O60
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Draw Type 
Finalists / Top Two 
Men's Over 3516 DrawMichael McLaughlin bt Jamie Goodrich3-2 (3/11,11/6,11/5,6/11,11/5)
Men's Over 4016 DrawStuart Summer by Paul Boyle3-0 (8/7 Paul withdrew injured)
Men's Over 458 DrawJohn Hanson bt Duane Harrison3-0 (11/3,11/5,13/11)
Men's Over 5032 DrawJohn Parkes bt Raymond Burke3-0 (9/0,9/0,9/0)
Men's Over 5516 DrawPeter Alexander bt Stuart Hardy3-0 (9/1,9/7,9/6)
Men's Over 6032 DrawNicholas Drysdale bt Ian Holmes3-0 (9/0,9/1,9/1)
Men's Over 6516 DrawBarry Featherstone by Rodney Boswell3-0 (9/3,9/6,9/4)
Men's Over 708 DrawGraham Fisher by William Wilson3-0 (9/3,9/4,9/2)
Men's Over 75Final OnlyVincent Taylor bt Lance Kinder3-0 (9/2,9/6,9/1)
Women's Over 353 Pool1st: Katie Lawrence; 2nd Rachel CalverPool
Women's Over 404 Pool1st: Isabelle Tweedle; 2nd Sam MuellerPool
Women's Over 458 DrawAndrea Santamaria bt Rose Bamber3-0 (11/9,11/4,11/6)
Women's Over 5016 DrawTheresa Brousson bt Julie Field3-2 (7/9,10/8,9/5,7/9,9/5)
Women's Over 558 DrawHelen Gould bt Lynne Davies 3-0 (9/1,9/4,9/1)
Men's Over 35/40 Plate4 DrawBruce Hopkin bt James Biggin3-0 (12/10,11/5,11/8)
Men's Over 50 Plate4 DrawMartin Levens bt Andrew Hood3-0 (9/0,9/2,9/4)
Men's Over 55 Plate8 DrawRipley Oyler bt Dillwyn Rosser3-0 (9/7,10/8,9/4)
Men's Over 60 Plate3 Pool1st: Roger More; 2nd Peter FarrPool
Men's Over 65 Plate4 DrawMartin Day bt Ray Illingworth 3-0 (9/0,9/2,9/6)
Men's Over 70 PlateFinal OnlyAndrew Beeston bt Nigel Belle 3-0 (9/4,9/3,9/1)
Women's Over 45 PlateFinal OnlyKay Fallows bt Sue Smith 3-0 (11/4,11/8,11/6)
Women's Over 50 Plate3 Pool1st: Sarah Howlett; 2nd Carolyn Lindsay Pool
Women's Over 55 PlateFinal OnlyRebecca Moore bt Jane Law 3-0 (10/8,10/8,9/3)
The fifth Regional of 2013-2014 at Coventry and North Warwickshire Sports Club was another full house with many aiming for higher things ie, Home International spots. The top 4 of every group gain automatic selection with the selectors having two cherry picks as long as the players have played in 2 events including one Open or Closed.

In the WO55 – Lynne Davies, our intrepid Welsh traveller, overturned Jill Campion only to meet the redoubtable Helen Gould in the final. The latter, as ever, hits the ball harder than anyone her age group and with her athleticism and cross court deadly backhand drop, proved too good again.

The WO50 saw Julie Field drop down an age group and defeat British Women’s O50 Champion, Mandy Akin. Julie possesses a virtually perfect length and technique and it was only tested when tiredness took its toll in the Final with the European O50 Champion, the very talented Theresa Brousson. The latter finally had enough gas in the tank for a positive in the fifth to record her first Regional.

WO45 saw Andrea Santamaria too good , beating Rose Bamber 3/0 in the Final. Earlier on Di Parums got her usual moneys worth and Rachel Woolford just beat Kay Fallows..

WO40, a Round Robin saw Sam Mueller gain revenge over Alison Goy and come second to a returning Isabelle Tweedle in a four woman group with Jill Chilvers.

WO35 saw Katie Lawrence having recovered from a back injury, gain a surprise victory over Rachel Culver in a toughie ---------------with Sarah Roberton coming third.

MO75 – saw Vince Taylor, International; Squash Traveller Supreme – Canada, Scotland, England, here, there and everywhere. This time another pot against Lance Kinder. Vince was quite put out when I mentioned he could have doubled up and entered the Jesters, as did our esteemed Vice Chairman, S.Hardy Esq. (Unfortunately he lost his title in a close one with M.Cowley on Monday night at the RAC).

MO70 – With Adrian Wright watching TV and gardening, and Mike Clemson intent on watching North Ferraby in the Cup (he wanted to be knocked out on Sat am and duly was in the O65 by Rod Boswell), the field was left wide open as it was, William Wilson aided and abetted by plenty of Diclofenic, found Graham Fisher just too focused in the Final for a 0/3 scoreline. Earlier on……….Ken Reid edged out Nigel Belle 9/6 in the fifth..

MO65 – Larry Grover gained valuable kudos overturning Martin Pearse easily after the latter let Peter Wilson go 2/0 and 6/3 up, before pulling it back in the earlier round. Grover found Rob Boswell on top form and Chris Ansell sneaked Tony Wheeler 3-0 only to find Barry Featherstone insurmountable……. As he was, yet again, in the final v Boswell.

MO60 – John Hithersay gave Neil Nightingale a bloody nose and the International Team seemingly taking shape, with Alan Hathway now favourite for the 6 spot, chased by Geoff Walton, Ian Smith and Nightingale. In the rest of the draw, Geoff Redfern looked likely to change the dynamic as he edged in front of Ian Holmes, but the latter’s deadly drops saw him though. Ronnie Bell, looking out of sorts, was unable to bother Nick Drysdale, and the latter was far too clinical for Holmes in the Final as well.

MO55 – Remember Peter Alexander? He was back actually playing Hi Ho, which he now hates! Too much playing youngsters, shouldn’t be so good. He steamrollered everyone including No 2 seed Stuart Hardy, who could and should have edged the second game in the Final. Hardy had had an epic with David Wells, scraping the fifth after the latter had out a spanner in the works for Colin Shields with a 3-0. Interesting Nationals…!? Tom Burton had beaten Peter Culver in another vital match for both parties. So an International Team of Cowley, Adihetty, Goulding, Hardy and 2 others. Who? (P.S. Alexander is skiing).

MO50 – When the cats away, the mouses will play…… with Eamonn Price, having decided a slap up feast and the Jesters Title was a priority, therefore Gary Raw was No 1 seed. But he was edged out narrowly by John Parkes from Worcestershire. In the bottom half, Ray Burke had three marathons, all splendid contests with plenty of scowling, and beating fellow Tyke Ged Martin put him in the Final. Ray then somewhat lived up to his name by deciding to hit the Coventry nightlife ie, its lone casino and was by virtue of a 7am Hotel return in no fit state to contest the Final, losing 0/9 0/9 0/9 to Parkes. Silly Billy!

MO45 – Only an eight draw and No 1 seed Steve McLoughlin and No 2 seed Glen Ragou, both went out at the Semi stage. John Hanson and Duane Harrison contested the Final and the former won 3-2 in front of his delighted wife and children. Well played!

MO40 – A truly massive Semi Final between Stuart Summers and Jon Gliddon was still in situ at 10pm on Saturday night. This match went to the wire and Summers sneaked it!. A long drive back for poor Gliddon in the early hours. The Final saw Paul Boyle pull a back muscle midway through the first game. An unfortunate end. So Summers claims another title.

MO35 – Jamie Goodrich overcame the highly tattooed Beckhamesque local Nick Bradley in a match that was nip and tuck for 45 minutes 5-5 in the fourth. JG then put on the afterburners and that was that.Tim Burrell sneaked Nick Hargreaves as did Mike McLaughlin over newcomer Nick Freer,. The former then worked over Mick Biggs and in an enthralling Final shaded Goodrich11/5 in the final game

Many thanks to Mo Sarwar and all at Coventry, the ESR Referees and Brian Brock for his usual exemplary organization at the main desk…

Martin Pearse

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