World Squash Masters Championships 2016 - South Africa
The World Squash Masters 2016 Championships was held in Johannesburg, South Africa from 23-30 September 2016.

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Detailed below are the players from England that made it through to the final stages of their respective draws:

Medals Table
Gold Medal Silver Medal  Bronze Medal
 South Africa
 Scotland 11
 Canada  1
Summary Below Last Updated 18:00 Fri 30/09/2016 

  Natalie Grainger [1] USA beat Lauren Briggs [2] ENG 3-1(11-9 6-11 11-4 12-10). 
MO45 :
  Nick Taylor [2] ENG beat Michael Tootill [1] RSA 3-0 (13-11 11-3 11-5).
  Sarah Fitz-Gerald [1] AUS beat Andrea Santamaria [3/4] ENG 3-0 (11-4 11-3 11-5).
  Craig Van Der Wath [1] RSA beat Yawar Abbas [2] ENG 3-1 (6-11 11-3 11-3 11-4).
  Karen Hume [2] ENG beat Jill Campion [1] ENG 3-2 (6-11 5-11 11-7 11-4 11-6).
  Julie Field [3/4] ENG beat Anne Richards [2] AUS 3-0 (11-3 11-2 11-8).
  Esa Matti Tuominen [5/8] FIN beat Ian Graham [5/8] ENG 3-1 (11-7 11-7 10-12 11-8).
  Norbert Kornyei [5/8] USA beat Guy Davies ENG 3-2 (6-11 11-8 11-5 4-11 15-13).
  Ann Manley [1] ENG beat Bett Dryhurst [2] ENG 3-2 (6-11 11-6 8-11 11-8 11-5).
  Adrian Wright [1] ENG beat Desmond Sacco [2] RSA 3-1 (11-9 11-9 9-11 12-10).
  England take the top 3 places in the over 80 Pool: 
  1st: Malcolm Gilham [3/4]
  2nd: John Woodliffe [3/4]
  3rd: Lance Kinder [1]

East of England Regional Event - Results
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East of England Event 2016 Gallery

Wales Masters Squash Open 2016 9-11 December 2016
Glen Ragou Memorial Cup 2016 Results
The North of England win the inaugural Glen Ragou Memorial Cup by 83 points to 77.
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Glen Ragou Cup 2016
Players of the Year 2015-2016

Peter Smith

Peter Smith, a Buckinghamshire County player has been a long time supporter of the Masters events.  He had a previous Regional win and won England caps but had never threatened the top players of his age group, until this season.  Fitter and more determined, he produced a series of good performances, culminating in a victory in the Over 65 National Championships defeating the Scotland No. 1 and European bronze medalist in the final.  He then led the England team in the Home Internationals. 


Jamie Goodrich

Jamie Goodrich, the Norfolk County Champion has been unique in the Regional Masters circuit, as from 2007 he has only played in the Over 35 age group events and won 16 of them, including two in the last season.  The third most successful male player overall and a great supporter of England Squash Masters.  He has played regularly for England at Over 35 and Over 40 level and was at No. 1 for the England Over 40 team this season.  A former British Open winner he has maintained and improved his game.


Mike Clemson

Mike Clemson, the Yorkshire Squash Chairman, is as busy off the court as he is on it.  A serial winner in Masters events he won the British Open in 2015/16 - his fourth to go with two National titles and fifteen Regional Championships.  He is also an England regular as that form would suggest.   Mike is England Squash Masters Secretary and Chairman of the England Squash Council.

British Open Masters Championships 2016 Results
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Midlands Regional Event 2015-16 Gallery
British Open Masters Championships

Fantastic squash from the final day at the British Open Masters. For the full report on the action to date please click here, or the image on the left, for the England Squash report on SquashSite.

For the final results from the event here.

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