North West of England Masters 2013-14

Friday 7 March - Sunday 9 March 2014

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Age Groups: Men's O35 O40 O45 O50 O55 O60 O65 O70 O75
Women's O35 O40 O45 O50 O55 O60
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Draw Type 
Finalists / Top Two 
Men's Over 3516 DrawNick Wall bt Nick Hargreaves3-1 (11/7,11/9,9/11,12/10)
Men's Over 4016 DrawCourtney Downing bt Masambo Selisho3-1 (8/11,11/5,11/6,12/10)
Men's Over 4516 DrawAndrew Cross bt Yawar Abbas3-0 (12/10,11/7,11/9)
Men's Over 5016 DrawDavid Gray bt Andrew Heller3-0 (9/7,9/0,9/0)
Men's Over 5532 DrawIan Bradburn bt Stuart Hardy3-1 (9/3,1/9,10/9,9/5)
Men's Over 6032 DrawIan Holmes bt Geoff Redfern3-1 (9/5,9/2,5/9,9/5)
Men's Over 6516 DrawAubrey Waddy bt Larry Grover3-1 (9/3,9/0,8/10,9/3)
Men's Over 70/758 DrawAdrian Wright bt William Wilson3-0 (9/7,9/0,9/4)
Women's Over 35/404 Pool1st Shayne Baillie; 2nd Joanne SmalleyPool
Women's Over 45/502x3 Pool Diana Parums bt Kay Fallows3-0 (11/8,13/11,11/6)
Women's Over 558 DrawHelen Gould bt Karen Hume3-0 (9/0,9/3,9/6)
Men's Over 45 Plate4 DrawRichard Briggs bt Rick Lomax3-0 (11/6,11/6,11/9)
Men's Over 50 Plate3 Pool1st John Valentine; 2nd Paul CairnsPool
Men's Over 55 Plate8 DrawRichard Bower bt Malcolm Balls3-0 (9/2,9/2,9/4)
Men's Over 60 Plate8 DrawRoger More bt Noel Gill3-0 (9/1,9/5,9/5)
Men's Over 65 PlateFinal OnlyJohn Alderson bt Chris Sebire3-1 (9/10,9/3,9/7,9/1)
Men's Over 70/75 Plate4 DrawDavid Atkinson bt Dudley Bostock3-1 (3/9,9/4,9/2,9/0)
The final Regional of the season was played at Grove Park, Cheadle Hulme ,  the North West. An inaugural event making it the sixth of the season, it attracted more than 134 entrants, logistically near at maximum, and this, despite the fact a lot of the International places had been decided.

W55- A Helen Gould victory yet again as she dominated the event, beating Karen Hume 9/0  9/3  9/6. Earlier on the latter had beaten Sue Pynegar 3-2 and Jan Ellis took out Jane Law 3-0.

W45/50 – A combined event with the two O50 competitors Shelly Walsh and Julia Dolman playing off for an England reserve spot .Julia led 2/0 but Shelley sneaked the fifth 12/10 after levelling 11/1, 11/3. The 045 saw favourites Di Parums and Kay Fallows contest a keenly fought final with Di gaining revenge 11/8, 13/11, 11/6 for the last time they played.

W35 -  a late drop out saw the small pool reduce even further and newcomer Shayne Baillie claimed her first Regional, with Joanne Smalley, another debutant as runner up.

M70 -  with Mike Clemson playing in the 60’s the final was between Bill Wilson and evergreen Adrian Wright. The senior fox was far too focused for the Cheshire Champ, 9/3, 9/0, 9/4. Earlier on Andrew Beeson had overturned Nigel Belle. 

M65 - Scottish International Alex Sinclair beat Tony Wheeler 3/1, whilst an amazing match saw Chris Sebire gain seven match balls over Rod Boswell, but couldn’t nick one. Boswell survived and won 9/3 in the fifth. Chairman Martin Pearse then gained automatic selection for England, thirteen consecutive years coming back from a large deficit to beat Boswell 4/9, 9/1, 4/9, 9/6, 10/8. No 1 seed Barry Featherstone  suffered a torn calf to drop out, and Grover and Waddy won through to the final, which the latter won 9/4, 9/0, 8/10, 9/3.  Waddy’s incredible power on his forehand the dominating factor.....

M60 -The expected play off for an England place between Geoff Redfern and Geoff Walton never materialised, as the latter went out to Mark Benyon. Ian Holmes was imperious as usual, beating Alan Hathaway ,( all the way from Munich) and then Redfern 9/5, 9/2, 5/9, 9/5 in the final after his usual real ale 15 pint intake in a lucky pub in Stockport.

M55 – Incredible scorelines, as Ian Bradburn nicked England newcomer Alan Barwise 10/9 in the fifth, then three hours later England reserve Tom Burton 10/9 in the fifth. With his foot operation impeding his movement by about 40%, this was/is an amazing achievement. Then he sent the home supporters, including his coach Glen Ragou into raptures  taking out England Captain and no 1 seed Stuart Hardy, 11 years a consecutive International  9/3, 1/9, 10/9, 9/5. Even Paddy Power wouldn’t have had odds on that trio of scores.

M50 – David Gray from Cumbria cemented his England spot beating newcomer Andrew Heller in the Final 9/7, 9/0, 9/0 with England No 4  Ged Martin retiring  injured in the Quarter Final.

M45 – With the international spots nearly all taken the expected Final took place between Yawar Abbas no2 and Andrew Cross, the National Champion, both from Durham & Cleveland. Cross controlled the match throughout 12/10, 11/7, 11/9, in a perfect exhibition of squash from both players.

M40 – Courtney Downing cemented his England place over Matt Stephenson who lost narrowly to newcomer Masambo Selisho, a talented local player. Downing, despite losing the first with a relic from the past, a ball up the backside,  extended the rallies and beat Selisho 8/11, 11/5, 11/6, 12/10 in a classy match.

M35 – A smallish draw saw Laura Mylotte nearly give Nick Hargreaves a surprise, but the latter who needed to beat Nick Wall to cement an England spot, failed narrowly on his bid, having game balls at 10/7 in the fourth, before going down 10/12 to the doughty Yorkshireman.

Finally, many thanks to the following for all the hospitality at Grove Park, Paul Vale organiser, Andrew Light Squash Chairman Maggie for all her food and drinks, Alistair Atkinson, the Grove Park Website administrator, Simon Knight photographer, ESR Refs  Steve Eccles, Dave Easton, Joss Garvey, Tony Parker, Ged Shields and the sponsors John Scott from the Best Western Pinewood on Wilmslow, very good if I may say so!----------also  Mark Davenport Ltd and Richard Ingall of Court Care.

And my England O60 Cricket Team mate Lord Chief Justice Ian Brown, President of Manchester Rugby Club, who are the Trustees and Owners  of Cheadle Hulme CC and Grove Park Squash-and  who welcomed me into his establishment !!

Martin Pearse

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