North of England Masters 2013-14

Friday 3 January - Sunday 5 January 2014

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Age Groups: Men's O35 O40 O45 O50 O55 O60 O65 O70 O75
Women's O35 O40 O45 O50 O55 O60                     
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Draw Type 
Finalists / Top Two 
Men's Over 3516 DrawJamie Goodrich bt Nick Wall3-2 (5/11,14/12,13/11,6/11,11/7)
Men's Over 4016 DrawPaul Boyle bt Stuart Summers3-1 (11/5,11/4,5/11,11/7)
Men's Over 4516 DrawMurray Scott bt Eamonn Price3-2 (11/9,10/12,4/11,11/6,11/8)
Men's Over 5032 DrawDarren Withey bt David Gray3-0 (9/3,9/5,9/4)
Men's Over 5516 DrawMark Cowley by Stuart Hardy3-1 (9/4,9/3,1/9,9/4)
Men's Over 6032 DrawIan Holmes bt Ronnie Bell3-1 (9/5,6/9,9/3,9/1)
Men's Over 658 DrawBarry Featherstone bt Aubrey Waddy3-2 (4/9,9/2,9/5,6/9,9/3)
Men's Over 702x5 PoolMike Clemson bt Adrian Wright3-1 (3/9,9/3,9/3,9/6)
Men's Over 75Final OnlyLance Kinder bt Mike Barnard3-1 (4/9,9/5,9/5,9/3)
Women's Over 353 Pool1st: Katie Lawrence; 2nd Kirsty BurkinPool
Women's Over 404 Pool1st: Izzy Tyrrell; 2nd Sarah ParrPool
Women's Over 452x3 Pool Andrea Santamaria bt Rose Bamber3-0 (11/7,11,8,11/9)
Women's Over 502x3 Pool Fran Wallis bt Julie Field3-0 (10/8,9/2,9/2)
Women's Over 554 Pool1st Lynne Davies; 2nd Jane LawPool
Men's Over 40 Plate4 DrawIan Douglass bt Jeffrey Davenport 3-0 (11/3,11/6,11/3)
Men's Over 45 Plate3 Pool1st: Mark Wilkinson; 2nd Richard BriggsPool
Men's Over 50 Plate3 Pool1st Stephen Blacksell; 2nd Phil WakefieldPool
Men's Over 55 PlateFinal OnlyIan Bradburn bt Gary Siddall3-0 (9/4,9/4,9/4)
Men's Over 60 Plate16 DrawSteve Williams bt Martin Brooke3-1 (9/5,9/0,9/5,9/2)
Men's Over 65 PlateFinal OnlyTony Wheeler bt Martin Day3-1 (4/9,9/7,9/4,9/5)

A bumper turnout at Pontefract saw a record 140+ entries, ironically despite some moans, this date always produces a large draw.

WO55 – Lynn Davies, have racquet will travel, saw off everyone 3 ‘zip’ with Cheshire’s Jane Law coming in second.

WO50 – Julie Field entered this event and won her section with Tammy Bennett, coughing beautifully second and newcomer Shelly Walsh, third. In the other group, Fran Wallis dropped a game to Polly Woodward, but had too much for everyone. The Final saw a well fired up Lincoln City supporter give Julie a rare beating, the five year age gap being a  bit too much: 10/8  9/2  9/0.

WO45 – Andrea Santamaria cruised past a lack lustre Nicky Horn after the latter blew the first  game, whilst in the other section Rose Bamber just scraped past Di Parums 11/3  9/11  12/10  9/11  8/11. The final saw Bamber  just on the wrong edge of every rally as Santamaria dominated  11/8  11/9  4/7. 3-4 spot saw Horn squeak past Parums 16/14 in the fifth.

WO40 – Alison Goy was called Alison Joy  after sneaking past  her nemesis Sam Mueller 10/12  11/5  3/11  12/10  11/9, and narrowly losing to Sarah Parr 3-2.  Izzy Tyrell, steady as  a rock with her tennis swing, was too good for everyone with Sarah Parr second.

WO35 – Saw Katie Lawrence winner over Kristy Burkin 3-2 and Sarah Roberton 3-1.

MO75 – saw Lance Kinder, his  serve still a lottery, but his speed for a 78 year old defies belief and he was too good for Mike Barnard, 3-1.

MO70 – saw a round robin with Mike Clemson in charge, narrowly overturning Graham Fisher 9/7  10/9  7/9  0/9  8/10 and in the Final Adrian Wright 3/9  9/3  9/3  9/6. Fisher beat William Wilson 3-0 and Brian Hardcastle gained revenge over Nigel Belle for 5/6 place.

MO65 – Quarters saw Martin Day lead Aubrey Waddy, only to go down 5/9  9/6  9/6  9/4 and Martin Pearse kept Tony Wheeler at bay 9/4  9/4  7/9  9/2. Larry Grover took a lot out of Rod Boswell 7/9  9/7  9/1  5/9  9/3 and the latter found Waddy far too hot to handle four hours later, as did Pearse with Barry Featherstone. The latter overcame Waddy 9/3 in the fifth for another Regional.

MO60 – A very large draw with about 6 possibles fighting for one, or at best two International spots, with Holmes, Bell, Jackson and Drysdale virtually cemented. Alan Hathway  kept himself in the running beating Denis Welch, Geoff Wilcock, Ian Smith before going down to  Ronnie Bell. Both Geoff Walton and Neil Nightingale won’t look back at Pontefract with affection and Holmes, previously second best to Bell, now has the whip hand with a superb display of placement squash, volleying everything despite 13 pints of 5% real ale in Wakefield on Sat night and Sunday morning.

MO55 -  With Cowley M back on the warpath and Steve Johnson dropping out, the Final two  looked a gimme and so it proved. Peter Culver scraped past Ian Bradburn only to lose 1-3 to Colin Shields who found Cowley too hot to handle. Stuart Hardy saw off Ripley Oyler and Gary Marshall but Cowley was intent on revenge, refusing free drinks on Sat night, and beat his team mate 9/4  9/3  1/9  9/4.

MO50 – Top seed Ged Martin narrowly  went out in the Quarters to Cumbrian David Gray 9/4  10/8  7/9  0/9  6/9 and the latter beat Hooper to enter his first Final. Darren Withey was in a class slightly above the rest to record victory but Gray was well pleased.

MO45 – No 1 seed John Hanson found super banker Eamonn Price just too focussed as the latter overturned the seedings 8/11  6/11  11/6  11/5  3/11, whilst Andy Normile had a lengthy battle with Peter Lonsdale 11/6  8/1  11/6  6/11  11/8. Murray Scott, back in the Regionals is always ultra combatative, beating Normile 3-1 and then eventually overcoming Price 9/11  12/10  11/4  6/11  8/11 in a high quality Final.

MO40 – Glen Ragou forgot how old he was and pressed the wrong digit on entry. And paid the price, after beating both Ian Douglas 3-1 and Chris Stanley 3-1 he came unstuck against youngster Stuart Summers 11/8  11/9  11/7. Bottom half Paul Boyle sneaked past no 2 Jon Gliddon 11.6  11.13  11.6  15/13 to enter  the Final and was a bit too consistent for a tiring Summers 5/11  4/11  11/5  7/11.

MO35 – both Nick Wall and Jamie Goodrich entered and both eligible for a higher age group... Confidence for you! Wall eased past Steve Payne 3-1 and Mike McLoughlin 3-1 the latter having had a royal battle with Ian Cox 17/15  7/11  11/4  9/11  4/11. In the bottom half Jamie Goodrich saw off Nick Hargreaves and Mike Biggs 3-1, before the Final.  The Final was feisty. No other word for it. Two ultra  competent players, both very  quick and super talented. Something had to give and the marker(s) were questioned in stages of 1 to 10 for ferocity. Eventually I called in Uncle Malcolm who stood there and soon order was restored. A great match and Goodrich’s Facebook page over-flowed as Wall is rarely beaten. Interesting next encounter, for sure.

Many thanks to Mick and Cindy Todd, the owners of Pontefract, Margaret Rotherforth who organizes everything, Vicky, Nicky and Chris for keeping us fed and watered, Jane Belle and of course Brian Brock for his immaculate expedition organising the Tournament over the three days (especially over the lack of court space on Saturday due to the amount of entries in the Plate).

Good to see Malcolm Willstrop coaching over 100 children on Sunday morning!! Pontefract Squash Club proves that most clubs should copy their template...

P.S. Why hasn’t Malcolm been given an MBE ?

Martin Pearse

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